X2 Combination Padlock 4-Digit Outdoor Weatherproof Security School Lock Travel

RRP: $24.95

When you need to keep something secure at home, at the office, or at the gym, there's nothing better than a four-digit combination lock that makes it nearly impossible for thieves to guess your code. This pack of two combination padlocks by Randy & Travis Machinery takes that security a step further with its tough, durable construction – and its re-settable code. Should someone see you opening your lock, simply reset it for perfect peace of mind. Just remember the new code (and the old one) to make sure that your reset works.

Made with premium-quality craftsmanship, this lock is tough and durable – designed to resist tampering. Its streamlined looks make it as homey in a formal office as it is in your garage or tool shed.

Features and specifications:

  • Material: Top-quality steel
  • Colour: Black and silver
  • Number of locks in package: 2
  • Size (shackle) 30mm
  • Diameter (shackle) 6.2mm
  • Inside height (shackle) 26mm
  • Dimensions (body): 80 x 40 (H x W)
  • 4-digit resettable security code
  • Factory set to 4 zeros
  • Set it to any 4-digit code
  • Office, home, garage, gym, travel, or warehouse use
  • Durable, tough body resists tampering
  • Reset it by opening it before you close it
  • 10,000 available combinations

***Note: Remember the codes when you change it to avoid being locked out