Storage Cabinet Drawers 39 Plastic Tool Box Containers Organiser Cupboard

RRP: $99.95

This is the Organiser you need to help you create a stress-free, tidy, and neat work place or hobby area. With 39 Plastic Tool Boxes contained in this one organiser, you'll find a place for every small item in your workspace. It can even be attached to the wall or another surface. Use labels to personalise the clear drawers on this black cabinet. Declutter any space simply and effectively with this Storage Cabinet Cupboard.


  • Simple way to organise work or hobby areas 
  • Storage for all of your loose items
  • Make work areas tidy and neat 
  • Easy solution for finding small items 
  • Simple to label all of your drawers to help find all items 
  • Great for the shed, garage, workshop or work room 
  • 30 small drawers 55mm x 140mm x 35mm High 
  • 9 large drawers 110mm x 140mm x 55mm High 
  • Drawers are clear plastic 
  • Cabinet colour is Black 
  • Overall size of cabinet is 470 x 160 x 370mm 
  • 4 holes at rear attach to any wall or surface
  • Suitable for all hobbies and craft accessories 
  • Use 2 or 3 cabinets together to organise a space
  • Made from polypropylene