Skipping Rope Jump with Counter Smart Calorie Counting Adjustable Cable Ropeless

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Let's face it; quarantine life has made us a little chubbier, a little less fit. With this smart jump rope by Randy & Travis Machinery, you can get fit and lose weight while having the time of your life skipping rope to your favourite childhood rhymes – or whatever is laying on your headset. The weighted handles provide a firm grip and a little resistance, while the counter inside one of the handles can record how many loops you completed, the calories you burned, and the time you spent. If you prefer an early morning or late evening workout, the counter features a backlight for keeping you on track even when it's dark. Set your target time or the number of loops, and the counter will let you know when you've achieved your training goal.

Its adjustable length accommodates people of all sizes, including children, so the whole family can enjoy this heart-healthy exercise. And, if you're a serious athlete, this jump rope is an excellent addition to your cross-training arsenal, building speed, balance, quickness, and endurance with every set. With its cordless ball mode, you can even train indoors without worrying about hitting the ceiling light or scuffing up the floor. With the cordless mode's 33-centimetre length, you'll enjoy a more authentic indoor skipping experience.

Features and specifications:

  • Material: Resin and plastic
  • Colour: Black and white
  • Length: Adjustable
  • Length (cordless ball mode): 29cm
  • Modes: 2 – rope and cordless
  • Weight (both handles): 181.44g
  • Handle diameter: 2.8cm
  • Accessories: Product manual
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • In-built counter keeps track of your weight, time spent, loops completed, and calories burned
  • Adjustable rope accommodates a broad range of users
  • Anti-slip weighted handles are easier to grip and provide resistance
  • Perfect for athletes and weekend warriors alike