Shower Head Arm Wall Connector Bathroom Rainforest ShowerHead

RRP: $99.95

Another fantastic product from DELLA FRANCESCA comes this fully Australian Certified Quality Product - at a fraction of the price of heavily overpriced retailers!

No matter the design of your bathroom, kitchen, laundry .. this unit will add a touch of sophistication and elegance that you will adore time and time again.

Does your shower need an upgrade? Here's a simple solution: the Della Francesca Shower Arm. Ideal for a wide variety of bathroom decors, this classically-designed fixture may be just what you need.

The shower arm features a brilliant chrome finish that is built to last and keep looking great. It has a total length of 300mm, and has a standard screw thread to accommodate a shower head (not included; take a look at our selection of shower heads!).

You'll receive the shower arm, the 70mm-diameter decor plate, and a full user manual with easy installation instructions. All of this comes to you from Della Francesca, an industry leader in quality plumbing products.

Don't delay — order your Della Francesca Shower Arm today!

Features of the Della Francesca Shower Arm — 300mm:

  • Brilliant chrome finish
  • Length: 300mm
  • Diameter of decor plate: 70mm
  • Easy-to-follow installation instructions included