Pro Training Football AID Soccer Target Practice Shot Goal

RRP: $99.95

If you're a soccer or football coach, a player, or the parent of a player, you want your athletes to achieve all the things they've dreamed of. Helping them visualise the areas of the goal they need to aim for is a major ingredient for success in sports that involve a goal. With this set of four brightly coloured targets by Randy & Travis Machinery, you can give players an easy-to-see spot to aim for. Soccer and football experts know that the top and bottom corners are the most productive areas to hit if you want to score a goal.

These target tabs are easy to attach, with loop-and-pin straps that wrap around the goalposts. Strong and durable, they will hold up under even the most strenuous of workouts. Use them for free-kick practice, penalty shots, as well as drills on short- and long-range goal shooting. And, they come with their own bag so you can carry them to the pitch easily, even if you have other gear. Athletes who can visualise well in practice will do better under pressure. Build your goal-shooting skills to the max from anywhere on the pitch with these target tabs. Order yours today!

Features and specifications

•           Colour: Fluorescent orange and black

•           Quantity: 4 targets and Velcro straps

•           Dimensions: 52 x 36cm (L x W)

•           Accessories: Carrying bag with a drawstring.