Paint Runner Pro Self-Contained Drip Splatter Roller

RRP: $49.95

There's nothing better to ring in the New Year than a fresh coat of paint for your home. If you're planning a painting or touch-up project this new year, make your work go way easier with this splatter-free, drip-free paint roller from Randy & Travis Machinery. This superb microfibre paint roller works on almost every surface. Whether you plan to paint render, wood, textured rubber, and even over wallpaper or porous concrete, you can be done in a single coat with this roller.

To use, just open up the roller and fill it with paint. Then, start painting! It's as simple as that. Its secret? Since the roller holds all the paint you need, you won't need to waste time dipping your roller in your tray. No worries about spills or splatters – this innovative paint roller dispenses coatings evenly, making your paint job look like a professional's. Choose how thick you want the paint to coat your surface by pressing harder for a thicker coating, softer for a thinner coating. A pole adapter allows you to reach tall ceilings and high walls easily. A flocked edger allows you to paint around windowsills, light switches, plug sockets, and skirting boards with ease, while the corner cutter tool makes painting corners a breeze.

And, when you've finished, no wasted paint at the bottom of the tray. Simply rinse your roller with warm water under the tap, and you're done. Don't procrastinate a moment longer. Get a professional-grade paint job on your own without all the mess with this convenient, easy-to-use paint roller. Order yours today!

Features and specifications:

  • Material: Plastic and microfibre roller
  • Colour: Blue and black
  • Holding capacity: 900 ml
  • Accessories: Pole adapter, corner cutter tool, flocked edger, resting tray, easy-pouring jug, and instruction manual
  • Refillable, self-contained paint roller
  • Easy-care – simply rinse under a tap for water-based paint
  • Less waste, less mess
  • Pole adapter turns your broom into an extension for your roller
  • Covers a variety of surfaces in a single coat