Non Electric Bidet Toilet Seat W/ Cover Bathroom Washlet Spray Water Wash

RRP: $244.95

If you've always wanted a bidet but didn't have the floor space for one in your bathroom, here's your chance. With this non-electric bidet from Randy & Travis Machinery, all you need is a U-shaped standard Australian toilet and a few minutes for installation, and you'll have a bidet that can pamper your posterior just as efficiently as those high-end free-standing bidets you've always wanted. Stop irritating your delicate personal areas and give them a soothing stream of clean water instead. Bidets are more hygienic because the water can cleanse your skin much better than toilet paper.

Thanks to its two settings, you can enjoy a soothing stream of water to cleanse your posterior area and a refreshing spray for your feminine hygiene needs. It's a fantastic find — you'll have all the cleansing power of a bidet without an expensive installation or taking up more space in your bathroom. As for installation, it's easy to do it on your own, even for beginner DIYers. Just use the fitting in the package and follow the instructions in the included installation manual to connect your water cistern to the bidet — and you're good to go. No expensive plumber fees needed. If you have young children, you won't have to worry about drowning or injury, thanks to its soft-close cover and mounted lock. Don't irritate the most delicate tissues in your body any longer. Order your easy-install bidet today!

Features and specifications:

  • Material: PP plastic
  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions: 50 x 36.5 x 6cm (L x W x H)
  • Dimensions (inlet tube): 60 x 1.27cm (L x D)
  • Water inlet location: On the right, when seated
  • Accessories: Installation manual
  • Fits U-shaped standard Australian toilets
  • Two settings for posterior and feminine cleansings
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Dual nozzles
  • Hygienic anti-bacterial seat
  • Mounted lock and soft-close cover for child safety
  • Adjustable flush volume
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Non-electric
  • Easy to install, even for beginning DIYers