Marine Stainless Steel Wire G316 Wire Balustrade Cable Rope 3.2mm 7x7 Decking

RRP: $299.95

If you're building a deck for your home, or if you're a tradesman who wants to give his customers an economical alternative for balustrading, this marine-grade stainless steel wire by Randy & Travis Machinery is an ideal choice. Easy to use with all fittings, this wire rope has a wide range of applications: hanging pictures, shade sales, trellis and green wall construction, rigging, stage curtains, props, and many more. Flexible, with almost no stretch coefficient, it's easy to use for ferrule, thimble, and hydraulically swagged fittings.

Its marine-grade construction keeps it looking good for years. With high tensile strength, abrasion and fatigue resistance, and structural stability, it's as strong and durable as it is good-looking. Seven thinner wires are twisted together to form a sub-strand, and then seven of those sub-strands are twisted together to form a virtually unbreakable wire. Cut it easily with parrot beak cutters, and fasten it with wire rope (bulldog) grips for best results. Get your project done right with balustrading you can count on. Get yours today!

Features and specifications:

  • Material: AISI 316 marine-grade stainless steel
  • Wire diameter: 3.2 mm          
  • Total length: 200 metres
  • 7 x 7 construction (7 sub-strands of 7 wires each)    
  • Swagging: Manual or hydraulic
  • Minimum breaking strain: 700 kg
  • Safe working load (vertical): 70 kg
  • Safe working load (horizontal) 35 kg
  • Manual swagging: Nickel-coated copper only (aluminium will corrode it)
  • Precision-manufactured
  • Rustproof