Life Size Anatomical Deluxe Human Skull Model Medical Skeleton Anatomy Replica

RRP: $99.95

The human skull is one of the most amazing creations in nature. Tough as can be to protect the delicate tissues of the brain, it houses the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears – all the organs humans use to communicate with each other and interact with the world. Studying the human skull is essential for medical and nursing students and an integral part of anatomy and physiology courses in universities. This lifelike model by Randy & Travis Machinery is a great tool to teach students about all the intricacies of the bones in the human head. And, it makes a great conversation starter in an exam room, allowing healthcare professionals to point out areas of concern or stress the necessity of protecting one's skull while playing sports or doing other dangerous activities.

This life-size model features an exceptional level of detail, with well-defined landmarks, fissures, muscle insertions, processes, fissures, sutures, and foramina. Its movable mandible allows natural movement of the jaw, allowing students to watch what happens as they chew food, talk, and sing. Three of the skull's bottom teeth are removable, showing learners how teeth are attached to the jawbone. Don't miss out on this three-dimensional, interactive learning tool. Order yours today!

Features and specifications:

  • Material: Quality plastic resin
  • Colour: Bone
  • Dimensions: 19 x 15 x 21 cm (L x W x H)
  • Life-size and realistic
  • Amazing detail
  • Movable mandible
  • 3 removable lower teeth
  • Movable jaw uses a spring for realistic action
  • Cut, removable calvarium
  • Drillable, sandable, paintable, and stainable
  • Realistic bone structures