Knee Pads for Work, Construction, Gardening, Flooring and Carpentry

RRP: $79.95

Whether you’re a DIYer, a professional tradesperson, or an avid gardener, you find yourself on your knees quite often. Hammering nails into floors, sanding wood, or pulling weeds can really take a toll on your knees. With these comfortable cushioned knee pads by Randy & Travis Machinery, your knees will feel a lot better at the end of a hard day’s work. Heavy-duty foam and gel cushions pamper your knees, while non-slip, adjustable straps keep them in place. Its ergonomic design allows you to do more work while protecting your joints and patellar tendons from overuse injuries.

Its gel and Neoprene foam core doesn’t only protect your knees, but it also protects the surfaces you’re working on from scratches and abrasions, no matter how hard you work. Its durable, heavy-duty construction is built to last. The breathable material keeps you dry and cool but is strong enough to protect you from debris, like tile fragments, slivers, and glass. Not only are they uber-protective, but they’re also easy to put on and take off, leaving more time to do your work. With their professional-grade construction and superb protection, you won’t want to ever go to work without them. Get yours today!

Features and specifications:

  • Material: Foam and gel cushions, neoprene, ballistic-grade nylon, and engineered PVC
  • Colour: Black and orange
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Accessories: 6.4-inch extender straps
  • Non-slip, durable construction
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable straps with reinforced stitching
  • Top-grade materials and craftsmanship

Perfect for carpenters, gardeners, flooring specialists, HVAC and concrete installers, DIYers, and all the major trades