Heavy Duty Steel 3 Point 2" Trailer Hitch Receiver Tow Drawbar For Cat 1 Tractor

RRP: $239.95

Whether you're in the trades, agriculture, or another industry, you need your hauling equipment to be tough enough to pull heavy loads and last for years, even under heavy use. With this three-point hitch by Randy & Travis Machinery, you'll have an equipment transportation option that you can depend on no matter how hard the job gets. Made from extra-strong powder-coated carbon steel, this hitch is as strong as they come and resists the corrosion that often occurs on outdoors equipment. Its proprietary bottom pin design makes it compatible with smaller tractors as well as larger ones. Its 5-cm receiver accommodates a wide range of trailer types, making it a versatile piece of equipment.

It's simple to install — just tighten the attachment at the tractor lever's proper position. Its three-point suspension towbar allows you to manoeuvre easily when hauling trailers and other heavy machinery, while its three-point quick hitch works with all of the Category 1 tractors on the market. It's ready to go right out of the box — it even comes with both the top and bottom pins for easy installation from the day you take delivery. Get a hitch that works as hard as you do. Order one of these tough three-point hitches today.

Features and specifications:

•           Material: Powder-coated carbon steel

•           Colour: Black

•           Length: 71cm

•           Width: 16.6cm

•           Height: 53.2cm

•           Accessories: 3 hitch pins

•           3-point design

•           Tough and durable, even when stored outside

•           Corrosion-resistant