Gel Chair Seat Cushion For Lower Back Pain Pressure Relief Wheelchair Car Office

RRP: $49.95

Whether you work from an office or home, if your work requires long periods seated at a desk, you probably can't wait for breaks to stretch your lower back and take pressure off your backside. With this comfy double-gel seat cushion from Randy & Travis Machinery, you won't want to get up from your chair at all. It's that comfortable — practically like sitting on a cloud! This seat cushion also makes the perfect comfort solution for people with disabilities who must spend most of their waking hours in a wheelchair. And, if you drive long distances for work or fun, it turns your dread of long road trips into sheer anticipation.

Breathable as well as comfortable, this seat cushion whisks away sweat as you work, leaving you cool and pain-free to concentrate on your work. Its elastic properties and honeycomb construction conform to your body like nothing you've experienced before. It's a must-have for people with degenerative disc issues, sciatica, lumbar strain, neck strain, and other annoying conditions that arise from long periods of time spent in a chair. With its anti-slip base, you'll have both comfort and security in a single solution. Its cover is machine-washable, making it as easy to care for as it is comfortable. Don't spend a moment more in pain. Order your seat cushion today!

Features and specifications:

•    Material: Double elastic polymer gel with a breathable mesh cover
•    Colour: Blue with black mesh cover
•    Weight: 1kg
•    Dimensions: 43 x 36 x 3 cm (L x W x H)
•    Lattice supports: 500 honeycomb-style supports
•    Breathable and uber-comfortable
•    Anti-slip base
•    Flexible and body-conforming
•    Durable and easy to maintain