Double Burger Press Hamburger Maker Non Stick Aluminium Beef Patty Meat BBQ

RRP: $39.95

When it's time to barbecue, the burger reigns supreme. But it's such a challenge to get them just right. Frayed edges that fall into the fire, uneven thickness that causes one part of your burger to cook up rare and the other side almost burnt – the list of burger faux pas is long. Here's your solution: this non-stick double burger press by Randy & Travis Machinery. Crafted from non-stick aluminium, your perfectly formed burgers come out easily, making it a breeze to grill hamburgers for even a large crowd.

Its ergonomically designed wood handle and lightweight aluminium construction make it easy to use, even when making enough burgers for a neighbourhood get-together. This press works equally well for turkey, chicken, pork, vegan, and vegetarian burgers, as well as crab cakes and similar dishes. Your patties will cook evenly – so no worries about a guest getting a partially cooked burger. Just line the press with parchment paper or plastic wrap, and you can transfer it easily to your grill or even to the freezer for storage. It also makes a great wedding, birthday, housewarming, or holiday gift for the cook or barbecue lover in your life. Get yours today!

Features and specifications:

  • Material: Non-stick aluminium and wood
  • Colour: Grey and brown
  • Diameter of each compartment: 11cm
  • Depth of each compartment: 2cm
  • Handle length: 13cm
  • Dimensions (overall): 28 x 12 x 9cm (L x W x H)