BLACK 2-in-1 Massage Hand Shower & Head Tap Bathroom Mixer

Out of Stock: $1,044.95

This 2-in-1 Massage Hand Shower and Shower Head will enhance any shower with the luxurious cascade of water, and the spa-like feel you get when you use it is incomparable. Designed by Della Francesca, thisĀ  2-in-1 Massage Hand Shower and Shower Head will be an instant favourite with the entire family.

When you purchase this model, it's like your getting two shower experiences for the price of one! The extra wide shower head provides a cascade of warm water for all over coverage, while the detachable massager provides an excellent opportunity to massage the day's tension away. The massage head features a flexible steel cord for maximum durability and a long reach.

You can also feel good knowing you're helping the environment when you use this shower head as it has a 3-Star WELS rating. This not only saves you money, but it provides smarter water usage as well.

For all of the hard work you do, you deserve to pamper yourself, and the 2-in-1 Massage Hand Shower and Shower Head from Della Francesca will ensure that you do. Order yours today!


  • 2-in-1 Shower Head and Detachable Massage Head
  • Timeless Electroplated Matte Black Finish


  • Height (Base to top of item): 1101mm
  • Length (To the Middle of the Shower Head): 389.5mm
  • Total Height: 1146.6mm
  • WELS Licence No: 0418
  • WELS Code: 801.01.10BK+SH1002BK+YSD-1044BK
  • Model Name: shower column set-801.01.10+SH1002+YSD-1044
  • Reg. Number: S06776
  • Star Rating: 3 (> 4.5 but <= 6.0)
  • Water Consump: 6.0