Basin Mixer Tap Faucet Electroplated Matte Black Finish

Out of Stock: $279.95

This Basin Mixer Tap faucet comes fully certified as an Australian Certified Quality Product. DELLA FRANCESCA makes this product, so you know you are getting a quality piece. This beautiful basin mixer comes at just a fraction of the price you would pay at an exorbitantly priced retailer!

This chic basin mixer will add elegance and finesse that you will continue to adore for years to come, no matter what the current design of your bathroom, kitchen, or washroom is.

Changing the look of your traditional basin doesn't have to be an expensive task. This state-of-the-art Della Francesca Basin Mixer can do just that in one affordable installation. It also comes with the dependability you would expect out of a new basin mixer, and because it's the Della Francesca brand, you'll also get a modern and chic look. 

The mixer is Australian Certified and Watermark approved, and this works to ensure clients of the quality of this product. This mixer features an all-brass construction with a gorgeous electroplated matte black finish that will keep it looking like new for years. This product is also WELS-approved with a 5-star water efficiency rating.


  • 5 Star WELS Rating
  • Electroplated Matte Black Finish
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Watermark Approved


  • Height of Mixer Head from the Base: 113.4mm
  • Length of Mixer from the Base to Tip: 130.5mm
  • Overall Height of the Mixer: 167.5mm
  • WELS Licence No: 0418
  • WELS Code: 103.10.01
  • Model Name: Basin mixer-103.10.01
  • Reg. Number: T17125
  • Star Rating: 5
  • Water Consump: 5.5