Automatic Toilet Seat Sensor Operated White & Round

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Men leave the toilet seat up, and women scold them for it. But now that age-old fight is at an end with the Automatic Touchless Toilet Seat. And this seat isn't just great for marital peace; it's convenient and it's hygienic.

Operation couldn't be simpler. The toilet lid will raise automatically when you approach. Wave your hand if you'd like the seat to be raised. And when you leave, lid and seat will close (smoothly and without a loud bang) after 15 seconds.

The smart occupancy sensor can be adjusted for any sized bathroom, and do-it-yourself installation is easy. And remember: touchless means less germs on your hands. Even the seat is coated with a special anti-bacterial layer.

Great for seniors, children, or those with disabilities, the Automatic Touchless Toilet Seat is your convenient and safe option in the bathroom. And it can be yours at our everyday low price.

Features of the Automatic Touchless Toilet Seat:

*Automatically raises lid when you approach

*Wave your hand to lift the seat

*Seat and lid close when you leave

*Sensor can be adjusted for any sized bathroom

*Touch-free to reduce the spread of germs

*Seat is coated with anti-bacterial material

*Colour: white

*Shape: round

*Comes with Battery & Charger

*Dimensions: 48 x 37 x 10cm (D x W x H)

*Weight: 3.2kg