7 Tier Cupcake Stand 5mm Acrylic Wedding Display

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7 Tier Cupcake Stand Clear Hard Acrylic for Wedding or Special Event

Ideal for weddings or special occasions. Superb quality.

Please note: This item is contructed of 5mm thick toughened UV protected acrylic - far superior to many items in the current marketplace.

This seven-tier cupcake stand is constructed of strong, clear acrylic. It is a must-have for weddings and special occasions. Guests will appreciate having a panoramic view of all the goodies that are in store for them. Slices of wedding cake can be displayed on the stand and guests can help themselves. This item can solve a lot of problems for the busy caterer and party planner.

The cupcake stand is both versatile and portable. The seven-tier stand can be reduced to a lesser number of tiers as needed or desired. The stand is easy to move and transport. It can be disassembled and flat packed allowing for easy storage and transport.


Plate diameters:

First tier: 374mm

Second tier: 337mm

Third tier: 300mm

Fourth tier: 263mm

Fifth tier: 225mm

Sixth tier: 187mm

Seventh tier: 150mm


3cm diameter SOLID Stem


Space between tiers is 100mm

5mm thick toughened UV protected acrylic

Total Height for seven tiers is 635mm


Each tier holds the following amount of cupcakes (approximate amounts):


First tier: 18 standard cupcakes (45 mini cupcakes)

Second tier: 16 standard cupcakes (35 mini cupcakes)

Third tier: 14 standard cupcakes (28 mini cupcakes)

Fourth tier: 10 standard cupcakes (18 mini cupcakes)

Fifth tier: 7 standard cupcakes (15 mini cupcakes)

Sixth tier: 5 standard cupcakes (12 mini cupcakes)

Seventh tier: 4 standard cupcakes (8 mini cupcakes)


Please note: Numbers are approximate and will vary according to the diameter of the cupcake after it rises above the top of the patty pan.


  • Size: 7 Tier