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21" Briggs & Stratton Self-Propelled Mulching Mower

The 21" Briggs & Stratton Self-Propelled Mulching Mower brings plenty of power and dependability to your everyday lawn care needs. With a hefty 6 horsepower engine, this mower has the strength you need for tough mulching jobs. And with Briggs & Stratton's ReadyStart engine technology, you know you'll enjoy flawless operation and a quick start time after time, and season after season.

Briggs & Stratton has been providing exceptional lawn care products for over 100 years, and it shows in the smart design of this mower. The engine is self-propelled, and that means no more straining and struggles while mowing. A generous 21" (530 mm) cutting width means less passes on the yard, and less time to maintain the lawn. And to make your mow even easier, large tyres (20 cm rear tyres, 18 cm front tyres) help you power through tough terrain. Plus, a tough steel construction ensures the kind of durability you'd expect from a top name brand.

Under the steel deck, four blades (versus the conventional two) give your lawn the professional look that will make the neighbors jealous. And an incredible 12 distinct cutting grades (fully adjustable from 26 mm to 76 mm) give you complete customisation of grass length.

A 75L grass-catching bag is included for mess-free cleanups, and the mower is also designed with a side discharge for mulch, complete with mulching plug. They've thought of everything with this exceptional mower.

Briggs & Stratton's Self-Propelled Mulching Mower is a victory for homeowners everywhere, and it can be yours at a great price.

Features of the 21" Briggs & Stratton Self-Propelled Mulching Mower:

*Engine: 4 Stroke, 6 Horsepower with 675 ReadyStart technology
*Engine displacement: 190 cc
*Driving style: Self-Propelled
*Cutting width: 21" (530 mm)
*Cutting height: 1" - 3" (26 mm to 76 mm)
*Grading: 10 adjustable grades
*Steel deck construction
*Rear tyres: 8" (20 cm); front tyres: 7" (18 cm), with bearings
*Blade type: round disc plus four blades
*75L fabric bag plus mulch side discharge (with plug)
*Package dimensions: 88.5x 61 x 47 cm
*Gross weight: 42