5x Office Chair Caster Wheels Set Heavy Duty & Safe for All Floors w/Universal Fit

RRP: $59.95

Whether you work from home, from an office, or both, you need office chair caster wheels that won't destroy your floors. These high-end office chair wheels from Randy & Travis Machinery are the perfect solution. They're safe for every type of flooring – including hardwoods, thanks to their soft polyurethane casing. In fact, with these wheels, you might not even need a floor mat anymore. Although they're built to last with heavy-duty construction, they're gentle on your floors.

Done in rollerblade style for a universal fit, this set of five wheels are built to last a lifetime. With all their internal parts and support bracket crafted in high-grade steel, these caster wheels will provide you with years of maintenance-free service. With a maximum weight capacity of 300kg, they can accommodate people of all sizes. Their precision ball bearings allow them to roll quietly, reducing the noise levels in your office. Designed with a standard stem with rollerblade-style wheels, they should fit chairs of practically any style. Keep your floors looking like new. Order yours today!

Features and specifications:

  • Material: High-grade steel and soft polyurethane casing
  • Colour: Black and clear white
  • Quantity: 5 wheels
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300kg
  • Rollerblade-style wheels and standard stem for a universal fit
  • Top-quality materials and construction
  • Safe for all types of flooring – even hardwood
  • No scratches, no marks
  • Precision ball bearings roll quietly to reduce office noise