5 x 160mm Kitchen Handle Cabinet Cupboard Door Drawer Handles square Black furniture pulls

RRP: $59.95

When it comes to kitchen décor, fussy is out – and streamlined is in. These elegant kitchen cabinet door pulls from Randy & Travis Machinery fit that bill perfectly. With their matte finish and square profile, they fit beautifully in kitchens from a variety of home interior styles – contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Arts and Crafts, and so many more. Their neutral black colour blends into practically any colour scheme.

Crafted from lightweight yet strong aluminium alloy, these 160-millimetre pulls can handle all the wear and tear of a busy kitchen. Easy to clean and easy to install, they will set off your kitchen cabinetry, making your millwork the star of your kitchen décor.

If you’re tired of your kitchen’s look but haven’t the money for a complete redo, try switching your hardware. It’s surprising how a new set of handles and drawer pulls can transform the entire design of your kitchen.

Set a new design tone in your kitchen. Order these sleek new door pulls today.

Features and specifications:

  • Dimensions: 160 x 200 x 8 x 26 (centre-to-centre x L x W x H)
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Colour Matte Black
  • Quantity: 5 pieces
  • Accessories: 22 mm screws for installation
  • Black colour and square profile accent the beauty of your cabinetry
  • Suitable for a variety of kitchen décor choices


  • Size: 160mm