Rain Showerhead -400mm Squared

RRP: $389.95

Another fantastic product from DELLA FRANCESCA comes in this fully Australian Certified Quality Product - at a fraction of the price of heavily overpriced retailers!

No matter the design of your bathroom .. this unit will add a touch of sophistication and elegance that you will adore time and time again. Bring the tropical and revitalising rain to your shower today!

Get ready for the ultimate shower experience. The Della Francesca Overhead Squared Shower Rose delivers an invigorating cascade of water that will take your shower from ordinary to extraordinary.

This product comes to us from Della Francesca, a leader in quality plumbing products for the home. And it's eco-friendly and budget-friendly, with a WELS rating of 3 stars and a water efficiency of 9 Litres per minute.

Designed to fit a standard shower thread, this brilliant polished bright shower rose is nothing short of a revolution! Start your day off the right way with an energising overhead shower.

The Della Francesca Overhead Squared Shower Rose can be yours at a terrific low price. Order and save today!

Features of the Della Francesca Overhead Squared Shower Rose:

  • Invigorating overhead cascade of water to transform your shower experience
  • Polished bright finish
  • Top ball joint for customisation
  • Installation instructions included
  • Quality 304SS Material


  • Length and width of head: 400mm
  • WELS Licence No: 0418
  • WELS Code: SH1018
  • Model Name: Shower Rose
  • Reg. Number: S09816
  • Star Rating: 3 (> 7.5 but <= 9.0)
  • Water Consump: 9.0