Bright Motion Detection Sensor Solar Security Light

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Looking for bright outdoor light without the added maintenance or electricity costs? Look no further than the Ultra Bright Motion Detecting Solar Light. With the power of 60 bright LEDs, this cutting-edge green technology offers up brilliant lighting without adding to your electricity bill.

For the garage, the back yard, the porch, or anywhere else, install this light and then let the sun do all the work. This unit will soak up the sun's rays during the day and then provide powerful illumination at night for your enjoyment, security and safety. A passive infrared sensor detects movement at a maximum range of 12 metres and with a full 180 degrees arc, turning the unit on automatically. The range as well as the delay time for the auto-on is customisable. Even the intensity of the LEDs is adjustable from 5 lux to 20 lux.

With the Ultra Bright Motion Detecting Solar Light, you'll save energy costs and enjoy the added security, convenience and peace of mind of a bright light where and when you need it. Order yours today at our everyday low price.

Features of the Ultra Bright Motion Detecting Solar Light:

*Powered by solar energy; no electricity costs!

*Add light and security to any outdoor space

*60 powerful LEDs for bright, even light

*Customisable passive motion detection, from 3-12 metres with a 180-degree arc

*Customisable delay time for auto-on feature: 8-120 seconds

*Adjustable light intensity: 5-20 lux

*Solar panel

*Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (5pc x 1.2V, 900mAh)