110 x 65cm Dog Pet Bed Foldable Elevated Portable Waterproof Outdoor Raised Basket

RRP: $139.95

You'd do anything for your four-legged friends. Show them how much you love them with this cooling pet bed by Randy & Travis Machinery. Its elevated construction allows air to flow beneath your pet's sleeping surface, keeping them cool and comfortable all night long or when they settle in for a relaxing afternoon nap. Its tight yet flexible surface supports your pup or kitty in pure comfort, while the Teslin mesh fabric provides ample airflow, so your furry family member stays cool no matter how hot the weather.

This pet bed is lightweight, so you can take it with you and your pet wherever you go. It folds up easily, allowing you to store it away in the boot of your car. Instead of having to sleep on the hard floor, this bed gives your pet a sleeping spot that moulds to their body, pampering their bones and joints and protecting them from pests. The bed's durable powder-coated metal frame is designed to last, even if you keep your pet in an outdoor kennel. Don't wait to give your pet the bed of their dreams. Order yours today!

Features and specifications:

•           Material: Teslin mesh fabric and powder-coated metal

•           Colour: Black and silver

•           Dimensions (overall): 110 x 65 x 21 cm (L x W x H)

•           Sleeping surface dimensions: 100 x 60cm (L x W)

•           Weight capacity: 31.8kg

•           Fabric weight: 430 gsm

•           Item weight: 2.3kg

•           Portable and lightweight

•           Folds for easy carrying

•           Breathable mesh sleeping surface cools and comforts

•           Use both inside and outside

•           Easy to clean and maintain

•           Elevated surface keeps pests and moulds away

•           Easy to assemble

•           Fits larger dogs