120pc Wooden Clothes Hangers Coat Pant Suit Coathangers Rack Wardrobe Wood

RRP: $444.95

Whether you own a clothing store or simply want to reorganise your wardrobe with top-quality clothes hangers, this set of 120 matching wooden clothes hangers from Randy & Travis Machinery is the perfect solution. Crafted from fine hardwood, and coated with lacquer, these durable clothes hangers could easily provide you with a lifetime of service. Their seamless design can help you transform your wardrobe into an orderly, well-organised space.

Notches hold clothing with straps, protecting delicate fabrics that could otherwise stretch, causing unsightly indentations. A lower bar accommodates ties, belts, or trousers, while the upper arms provide adequate support for even heavy coats. A swivel chrome hook allows you to hang up your belongings in any direction, while its rounded head reduces the chance of snags or tears. Don't wait until winter to tackle your organisation goals. Order your matching hangers today!

Features and specifications:

  • Material: Lacquer-coated hardwood with chrome metal hooks
  • Colour: Brown and silver
  • Quantity: 120
  • High-quality and durable storage solution
  • Swivel hook and rounded head for safety and convenience
  • Notches and lower bar accommodate a wide range of clothing and accessories
  • Suitable for coats, jackets, dresses, pants suits, ties, belts, trousers, and more