1.25 - 16mm Cable Crimper Anderson Plug Lug Battery Non Inslated Crimping Tool

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Make sure you have a dependable tool for your cable and wire crimping needs.

This sturdy and durable tool is a must-have in the toolboxes of electricians, cable installers and other professionals who have occasion to make quick and clean cable crimps.

This versatile tool is appropriate for non-insulated lugs and features a generous crimping range from 1.25 to 16mm^2. Multiple slots and diameters make finding the right crimp easy, and a dieless design means you'll never be hunting for the right die. The tools total length is 28cm. You can also use this tool for Anderson plugs up to 50 amps, making this crimper an ideal solution for caravaners, motorhomers, campers and more.

Order this great cable crimper today. It'll become a permanent fixture in your toolbox.


  • Dieless head
  • Crimping range: 1.25 to 16mm^2
  • Appropriate for non-insulated lugs
  • Also ideal for Anderson plugs up to 50 amps
  • Rugged plastic handles


  • Approximate length: 270mm